every time I feel like this, there’s been a dust storm. shout out to the weather for being so cooperative.


"i’m hungry"
"you just ate"

Addendum: Freak out if people ask you if you be been drinking, since you can’t handle your alcohol. Say you don’t even get drunk. But when any behavior is brought up, make sure to say “I was drunk.”

Life tips:

Spend a year telling someone that their emotions and words don’t matter. Decide that it would just be easy not having them around. Tell them. Then spend every day whining about them not spending every waking second catering to you anymore. Just find some way in your idiot head that justifies constantly feeling sorry for yourself. #fuckme #omgwhyme #theworldosagainstme

Add even more insult to injury by strongly suggesting that it’s their fault. Also, definitely let them know that if they were more cooperative then everything would run smoothly. Even though you’re not going to change any behaviours and basically beat the other person into submission like you’ve always done. Well done. You’re an asshole.


You Blew It! was so awesome, The So So Glos was bomb, I couldn’t hear The Front Bottoms because I was yelling every word to every song. ..Say Anything was there.

semi naked girl in my room? better watch some tv